Teeth particularly affect the aesthetics of a face. Proportional relationship between the teeth and the face are objectively perceived as beautiful and harmonious. Beautiful, clean and straight teeth reflect success, beauty and youth. Tooth loss and associated bone loss, cause more wrinkles around the mouth and eventually give you an older look.

Teeth play a very important role in the first impression. A beautiful smile can help you have more self confidence and self-esteem. Then why do you keep smiling behind the closed doors? Lip support provided by well positioned teeth with optimal bone support can make you look much younger.

Correct positioning of the implants, for proper support of the residual teeth, is necessary after tooth loss. This position can often be optimised only with proper bone augmentation. Tooth loss means bone loss and thus less support for muscles and lips. The correct positioning of dental implants and the surrounding bone tissue helps to support your lips and gives you a natural look.

Special operational experience, knowledge of the aesthetic parameters of the teeth and their effect on the face, are crucial.