Colleague references

We work with over 300 dental practices all over Germany due to our safe and reliable surgical methods with minimal treatable complications, with a maximum of 3-4 appointments per patient.

Here are some colleague references:

Dr. Wolfgang Urban:
“I work exclusively with Dr. Masur because I strive for 100% success.”
Dr. Wolfgang Urban
Eberhardtstr. 3
89073 Ulm
Dr. Silke Spiller:
“Even though I studied Implantology, I still refer patients to Masur Implant Centres, Dr. Masur because I understand my limits.”
Dr. Silke Spiller
Schelergasse 6
89073 Ulm
 Dr. Daniel Pascher:
“In extreme mountaineering I would only fully rely on secure materials underground. In the same way I only put crowns on Dr. Masur´s implants.”
Dr. Daniel Pascher
87719 Mindelheim
Dr. Georg Schnatterer:
“In a car, breaks are crucial for a long life. In my overimplant crowns, a stable base is of utmost importance, therefore I refer my patients to Dr. Masur.”
Dr. Georg Schnatterer
87616 Marktoberdorf
Dres. Bernd Vesper, Thien Nguyen, Achim Roll:
“Although we perform implant surgeries ourselves, we prefer to refer our patients to Dr. Masur for bone augmentation, even though they are 400 km away.”
Dres. Bernd Vesper, Thien Nguyen, Achim Roll
Karbener Weg 8-10
61184 Karben / Frankfurt
Dr. Hans-Dieter Rössler:
“I only trust Dr. Masur for implants and autologous bone procedures.”
Dr. Hans-Dieter Rössler
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 51
85055 Ingolstadt
Dr. Günther Schneider:
“I have been operating for 30 years and know what routine means. Therefore Dr. Masur carries out implant surgeries on my patients.”
Dr. Günther Schneider
Ringstr. 4
31275 Lehrte
Dres. Rainer und Harald Linder:
“Our patients recognize our caring and reliable approach. We appreciate Dr. Masur and his successful implants. We therefore refer all our patients to him.”
Dres. Rainer und Harald Linder
Kirchstr. 12
89195 Staig
Dr. Detlef Becker:
“I referred my son to Dr. Masur because I only want the best for him.”
Dr. Detlef Becker
Parkweg 4
82491 Grainau
 Dres Michaela und Matthias Möllmann:
“We want an optimal outcome for our patients. We refer our implant patients to Dr. Masur, because not only does he offer the best quality, but he would also advise whether a solution without implants would be better.”
Dres. Michaela und Matthias Möllmann
Vordere Mühlgasse 189
86899 Landsberg am Lech
 Dr. Alexander Fichtner:
Ich schicke alle meine Implantatpatienten zu Dr. Masur, weil ich weiss, dass Sie dort in den besten Händen sind!
Dr. Alexander Fichtner
Obere Hauptstraße 9
85354 Freising