Duration of treatment

Immediately fixed teeth and successful healing in difficult conditions – these are the priorities of our individual counselling.

Simplification is our STRENGTH!

Only a maximum of 2-3 appointments are necessary, even for the patients that visit us from long distances!

We have conducted extensive treatments with immediately fixed teeth on implants, since the late 90s. This method only became known some years later by television.

Not only is it important for your comfort at any time after the beginning of the treatment but also to create a long-term stable situation for you.

We have developed a systematic approach to provide you fixed teeth (at least as an interim) within 1-2 days or even immediately, even in complicated cases and/or long-distance visiting patients. This is done either in conjunction with your referring dentist or directly with us.

If you have an extensive treatment where up to three sessions might be necessary, there is a healing period of 3 months between the implant procedure and the final prosthesis delivery.

During this healing period, you will always be provided with provisional prosthesis. After the swelling phase (5-7 days) you can make your appointment for the final prosthesis delivery.

You usually don’t need any additional appointments during the healing time.

Your individual needs and desires are discussed and planned with you in a private consultation in a peaceful atmosphere. You will be informed in detail about your individualized treatment plan and its estimated costs.