Gentle Surgical Techniques 


The key to our growing success is our gentle surgical techniques with the highest biological activity. Self-healing forces are used to achieve better results and less post-operative patient discomfort. Less stress in the healing process is generated by using patient’s own bone instead of foreign materials. These foreign materials which are often used, usually don’t result in successful bone formation and have a higher risk of causing complications such as pain and inflammation.

We are a great choice for you due to our experience in implant surgeries, with successfully completed individualized treatments that were planned according to the activity of the biological healing forces of each individual. With over 50,000 successfully completed implants, we have developed this particularly gentle surgical method to ensure optimal long-term stability of your implants and less post-operative discomfort for you. The implant insertion is a completely pain-free procedure due to local anaesthesia. We offer sedation during the procedure if requested, via a “sleeping pill”, so that you are not bothered by the noise of the dental equipment.

A simple, single implant surgery usually results in little or no pain or discomfort for the patient. Even if multiple implants are inserted in the same surgical session (e.g. it is possible to insert up to 14 implants in the same session with us), patients have little pain during and after the procedure. It is required and recommended to take 1-2 painkillers after the surgery. We will inform you in advance in case of a major surgery which might cause post-operative swelling for up to 5-7 days, so that you can adapt well to it (e.g. work, family etc.).

Never without teeth! For peace of mind and aesthetic value we ensure that you always leave our centres with provisional prosthesis.

It is also possible to provide fixed temporary prosthesis during the healing process, after the insertion of the implants. This can be discussed with you and pre-planned individually.