Dr. Ralf Masur was one of the first distinguished specialists of the EDA (European Dental Association) due to his many years of experience in Implantology.

Our success has been achieved through experience and learning over many years and is a key criteria of our specialization. This success rate was investigated scientifically and independently over a high number of implant operations performed at our implant centres, thus making the importance of our experience in Europe more significant.

The development of our own gentle surgical methods and patented drill ensure simplified therapy implementation and is the hallmark of Masur-Implant centers.

An independent check of our 98.6% therapeutic success and our very high patient satisfaction over the last 15 years is a special quality feature.

Our 5-year follow-up study, which was approved by the Ethics Committee, is also proof of our highest quality standards.

Our ethos is a consistently high standard of treatment methodology.