Image 1 & 2 – Teeth not worth preserving
Image 3 & 4 – Stable aesthetics with implants: 15 years after surgery

Periodontics deals with diseases of the gums.

Periodontal disease is a cause of tooth loss and also related to the general health of an individual.
Even without recognizable bleeding gums, bacteria from the mouth, on the gums, get into the bloodstream. Thus causing the often unnoticed result, of not only the loss of teeth for the patient, but also ingress of bacteria into the organism.
The goal of periodontal treatment is the maintenance of your oral health.
This bone loss and general disease, by bacteria ingress, can be prevented. Our therapy is aimed at maintaining the health of the individual – “Health begins in the mouth”. We avoid the use of antibiotics and use alternative methods to replace bone and prevent bacterial infiltration.

Your individual inquiry is dealt with in a unique manner.
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